13 FEBRUARY 2024


-Inauguration of painting exhibition, 13 FEBRUARY 2024 - CASA ARGENTINA - ROME-

13 FEBRUARY 2024
Inauguration of the personal exhibition of paintings "Rome and Buenos Aires, joint dimensions", in Rome, in Via Veneto 7, at the Casa Argentina, cultural headquarters of the Argentine Embassy in Italy.

Limited number of evenings as part of the visit to Rome of the Argentine President Javier Milei.

130 guests were present, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Government Diana Mondino, 34 important Argentine businessmen, high officials of the Argentine Consulate in Rome, Deputies, Ambassadors and representatives of the Argentine Embassy at the FAO and the Holy See.

Above, Davide Querin with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Government, Diana Mondino.

On display a Polyptych measuring 3 meters x 3 meters, composed of 16 oil paintings on canvas, 75x75 cm. and 3 paintings 75x75 cm inspired by Argentina.

Above, other photos taken during the inauguration.

The Polyptych is made up of 16 paintings, arranged in four rows of four, and has an overall size of 3 meters by 3 metres.
The composition of each painting continues in those nearby, alongside, above and below.
No element present in the paintings is random and each painting, separated from the others, has its own composition.
To achieve this, a long planning and construction technique divided into various phases was necessary, lasting more than a year and a half.

"In a previous cultural event, the Embajada Argentina in Italy is preparing to inaugurate two exhibitions in the city of Rome, as part of the activities planned around the visit of the singer Diana Mondino."

INFOBAE 09 Feb, 2024 04:05 p.m. EST

Three paintings expressly dedicated to Argentin are exhibited together with the Polyptych. In each of them the atmospheres and lights of Buenos Aires are evoked, which have characterized Davide Querin's painting for many years.
Fundamental elements of Argentine culture appear in the three paintings, such as Quinquela Martin, one of the most important Argentine painters of the first half of the last century, a detail of the Palacio Barolo, an important example of Argentine architectural art from the early 20th century, Carlos Gardel, singer and composer among the main interpreters of the Argentine tango, La Boca, and other references linked to this great country, in many aspects very close to Italy.

Video projected during the exhibition. The video was created by Andrea Corda, independent videomaker.

A second opening evening took place on February 23rd. The latter, with an open number of participants, was attended by collectors, investors and people close to the artist. During the event, thechargé d'affaires Diego Alonso Garcès, the cultural attaché Denise Preguica Bozic, and the artist spoke. Immediately afterwards, all those present were invited into the cinema room to see the video, created specifically for the exhibition by the videomaker Andrea Corda.