Italian versionDavide Querin, painter, illustrator, graphic, who lives and works in Rome.

  • Biography

    Born in Rome in 1962, Davide Querin started painting when he was a child under the guidance
    of his mother, a painter herself.

    A creative path in visual communication contributed to his development as an illustrator and painter. ....

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  • Davide Querin italian painter - Oil on canvas

    oil paintings

    Davide Querin illustratore a Roma - illustrazioni


    Davide Querin grafico a Roma - grafica


    Davide Querin pittore a Roma - orologi da parete

    wall clocks

  • Offer

    Quadri a olio Roma

    Oil painting
    Oil paintings on canvas, small and large sizes, also available for film locations or television sequel.

    Illustratore a Roma

    Editorial illustrations, magazine, children's fiction. Book covers, book illustrations to comment.

    Studio grafico a Roma

    Editorial and advertising graphics
    Designer brands, corporate identity, page layout, catalogs, corporate brochures, integrated campaigns, merchandising.

    Orologi a muro

    Artistic clock Wall
    Some paintings of David Querin were reproduced in 20 copies. Each work, numbered and signed, has been made an integral part of a watch made by hand.

    On commission

    Quadri a olio su commissione

    You can ask the realization of oil portraits or paintings on the theme, provided that you leave free the design of the context of inclusion, as in the example above.

  • last events


    Galleria Il Laboratorio - Roma  


    Galleria Spazio Aperto - Ferrara  


    Galleria La Pigna - Roma  


    Chiostro del Bramante, Caffetteria - Roma  

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    San Francesco Museum - Trevi (PG)  

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    Ten Art Gallery - Milano -   


    Spectrum, Miami
    Post by Davide

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    SPECTRUM Miami, contemporary art fair in the heart of Midtown Miami featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary.
    In December each year, thousands of international art collectors, gallery owners, dealers, curators and artists descend upon Miami for Art Week.
    Davide Querin is present in this year's Spectrum Miami with the gallery Espacio Alpha Loft in Buenos Aires.

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  • Davide Querin - Biography

    Davide is born in Rome in 1962, coming from an artistic family he paints since his youth.
    A creative path in visual communication contributed to his development as an illustrator and painter.
    Davide attended ISIA Urbino, Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, and in 1986 graduated in Graphic Design, Editorial and Advertising Illustration, presenting in his final dissertation the illustrations of "The Master and Margaret" by Michail Bulgakov.

    He specialized in oil painting at the atelier of Gino Quintili and in 1989 he opened his first solo exhibition at the Catacombe 2000 Art Gallery in Rome.

    In 1991 at his home in Rome he hosted the art critic Gene Argentine Horacio Enrique, who was in Italy to give lectures on Quinquela Martin, one of the leading exponents of Argentine painting of the first half of the 20th century. It was in this period that he became, familiar with Quinquela’s work. In the following years years he travelled to Argentina and Buenos Aires several times to visit the house-museum of Quinquela in La Boca and to see his pictures at first hand. It was an exciting period, enriched by the discovery of a large number of works by other artists from Argentina and Latin America, such us De Libyan Thibon, José Arato, Santiago Palazzo Castagnino, Xul Solar, Soldi.

    In 2008 he visited the Malba and the Fortabat museums: the discovery of other great Argentine painters, particularly Carlos Alonzo, contributed to strengthening his bond with the Art and Culture of Argentina.
    Along with his activities as a painter, for many years Davide Querin has also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.
    He has exhibited his paintings in various art galleries and group exhibitions. Some of his works have been used on the sets of several TV movies, including "Primo cittadino" with Tullio Solenghi and "L'una e l'altra" with Christopher Lambert.

    Since 2006 he has had a permanent exhibition of his works at the InQuadro Art Gallery in Rome.

    In October 2009, following his solo exhibition at the Casa Argentina in Via Veneto in Rome, under the patronage of the Embassy of Argentina in Italy, Davide began an ever closer relationship with Latin American culture. In May 2015 at Rome he exhibits in a museum "Chiostro del Bramante" in the space for emerging artists after selection.

    Recent exhibitions:
    Galleria Il Laboratorio, Rome - June 17/23 2017
    Galleria Spazio Aperto, Ferrara - April 8 /may 6 2017
    La Pigna Gallery, Rome - 14/18 October 2016
    Chiostro del Bramante, Rome - May/June 2015
    San Francesco Museum, Trevi (PG) - April/May 2015
    Carrousel du Louvre, Paris - October 2013.
    La Pigna Gallery, Rome - October 2013.
    Spectrum, Miami - December 2013.
    Ten Art Gallery, Milan - April 2014 (online)